Automotive Services

When it comes to the protection and safety of your expensive valuables, the role of automotive locksmith assistance is inevitable. You may be having substantial ingenuity when it comes to your vehicle’s safety.
however you probably not have any clear indication when you will need some other valuable services from your preferred locksmith.

The work of a professional locksmith isn’t confined to fixing lock related issues only instead it inculcates so many other services which will take your safety and protection to the next level. We, at 'Dup-A-Key' address all kinds of automotive issues with the capability to handle precipitous auto locking afflictions.

Locked Out?

Forgetting your keys in the car is the big aggravation and the situation even gets worse when you are in a hurry like for instance while leaving to catch a flight or another circumstances when you need to reach the place quickly. Majority of the people use their own hoax to deal the situation, however the best solution is to seek the expertise of someone good at dealing the matter as an experienced and skillful locksmith can act as your savior. 'Dup-A-Key' takes pride of serving their customers with the latest automotive solutions with the assistance of our experiences and well-trained technicians and promises price-less and strategic way to cater your unique needs.

In need of Replacement?!

Lost your Keys or broke them? Don’t worry, just Relax and dial (770) 415-3554. 'Dup-A-Key' has a solution. Whether you are looking for the retrieval of your keys from locks or substituting ignition switches or you are looking for the replacement car keys or unlocking your vehicle, you name it. We also offer Transponder Key replacement. Yes you heard it right, now you don’t need to pay extra cost to get your Transponder keys replaced. We will help you deal with the panic and have solid solutions for the car replacement keys. Unlike any automobile dealer, we are fairly priced and NEVER compromise on quality.